Amy Tung

Boutique Caterer + Chef


Amy Tung is a boutique caterer for the Hudson Valley region of New York. Valley Home Dining caters a range of events, from retreats to weddings, provides fully-cooked meals for families and other personal chef and freelance services.

Amy’s love for cooking began with her mother, a Hakka Taiwanese and great home cook. Along with numerous life lessons, she taught Amy Asian family-styled cooking. And because her father worked internationally, Amy grew up visiting several countries where she grew fond of various cuisines and cultures.

Traveling a span of several cities along the east coast, Amy would first discover her passion for cuisine in New York.  While working in a number of different fields, Amy found that in her 13-year span spent in New York City, she grew fond of being able to dine out and enjoy the New York lifestyle.  Her experience of the city culture would eventually spur her decision to enter into Culinary School where she studied at The Institute of Culinary Education (ICE) and The Natural Gourmet Institute.  Amy's decision to pursue her hobby quickly became a propellant that would change the course of her career.  Once Tung cut ties with her city trade, she moved back to Upstate New York and studied under Agnes Devereux, a renowned chef heading The Village Tea Room.  The seeds for Valley Home Dining were sown shortly after and Amy Tung would open her boutique catering service designed for any occasion.

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